1. This document is the first version of the scenario of the exercise "Phoenix 2010" which is intended for use in planning and conducting the exercise. 
  2. The purpose of the document is to provide comprehensive information including important strategic and operational decisions and events, enabling future development of the full amount of scenario for  planning and conducting operations to protect the population in disasters.
  3. Document describes the situation from the beginning of the crisis in the bud, and the gradual escalation prior to making formal decisions to declaring a state of emergency on the part of the territory of Bulgaria and the establishment of National crisis headquarter for management  protection of the population in distress.
  4. Document will provide information relating to entry into the atmosphere, the areas of operations for the organization of planning in response to the crisis, activation, deployment and use of forces.
  5. It is fictitious and is not intended to present some existing situation or close to real events in the world. Provides a framework for building an appropriate structure for leadership of exercise and creating conditions for working on issues in decision-making, use of standard operating procedures for information exchange at all levels.
  6. This information may be close to some current documents used in NATO, but it can not be considered as official position of Bulgaria, NATO, EU and other countries.
  7. Any political, military and other organizations and / or their forces and assets reflected in this document were developed based on existing training programs or are designed exclusively to be used to support the implementation of pre-set requirements in order to implement tasks .
  8. This document is available to all participants in the exercise "Phoenix 2010". Any comments and suggestions to improve its content may be addressed to the core planning exercise  group.
  9. This document does not contain classified information. 
 Phoenix 2010 - Geostrategic INFORMATION 

 Strategic environment

The scenario of the exercise is based on the development of international crisis caused by abrupt destabilization of internal security in the country Alend and natural disaster in Bulgaria, consequently  terrorist activity is activated in order to download contingent of Alend.
The history of cooperation, relationships and actions taken by various international institutions, global and regional political and politico-military alliances and organizations to normalize the situation in the region is described. The way the crisis in the territory of Bulgaria is developed.
The international community takes preventive measures to ensure security in the region, ensuring the delivery of contracted volumes of natural gas and crude oil from Alend and normalization of the humanitarian situation and stop the refugee wave from country to countries, member of EU.
Fruitless consultations and negotiations to restore security in Alend and impossibility to normalize the situation in the region require the adoption of a resolution of the Security Council of UN for conducting operations in the maintenance of peace. The mandate for implementation is assigned to NATO.
Republic of Bulgaria participates with a contingent of armed forces in the composition of ASAF in Alend.