Parties involved (organizations and nations):
Red Cross JCBRN COE (Czech Republic)
Belarus ACT
Canada АСO
Great Britain NC3A

Nickname: PHOENIX 2010
Category: National exercise with multinational participants
Form: CPX with Experimentation Phase

Dates: 15-19 Nov 2010

Type: Distributed CAX with multinational participants

OCE: Minister of Defence
OSE: Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Minister of the Interior

- National Military Training Complex CHARALITZA
- Crisis Management Centres with various ministries and agencies

ACT's Capability Engineering Operational Experimentation Team recently returned from Bulgaria’s PHOENIX 2010 Exercise/Experiment having appreciated the impact of ACT Operational Experimentation’s groundbreaking experimentation teamwork strategy. Since early 2009, ACT has contributed expertise in Civil Military Interaction (CMI), Experimentation Analysis, Experimentation Awareness, and Civil-Military Knowledge Management towards the planning and execution of the PHOENIX 2010 Exercise and Experiment. The transformational PHOENIX 2010 exercise and experiment was conducted between 15-19 November at the Charalitza National Military Training Complex outside of Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s PHOENIX Distinguished Visitor’s Day on 18 November was attended by the Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister, Chief of Defence, and Minister of Defence among other Bulgarian government leadership. Five ACT experiments related to CMI were present in PHOENIX 2010 alongside Bulgaria’s national exercise and experimentation; the Civil Military Fusion Centre/CimicWeb prototype, the Joint ... more

Общ ръководител на учението е вицепремиерът и министър на вътрешните работи Цветан Цветанов, а непосредствен ръководител - министърът на отбраната Аню Ангелов

Днес стартира националното компютърно-подпомагано командно-щабно учение „Феникс 2010” с международно участие. В експерименталната част участват представители от държави-членки на НАТО и държавите по програмата „Партньорство за мир”. Общ ръководител на учението е вицепремиерът и министър на вътрешните работи Цветан Цветанов, а непосредствен ръководител - министърът на отбраната Аню Ангелов.

За целите на учението със заповед министър-председателя се създава Национален щаб , който планира, организира и координира действията на държавните органи за овладяване на възникналата криза.

Задачите на „Феникс 2010” са да се усъвършенстват стандартните оперативни процедури за действие при извънредни ситуации, стабилизация и възстановяване на национално ниво и в среда на международно взаимодействие.

За постигане на задачите ще бъдат ... more


a. PHOENIX 2010 is a distributed national Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) with a multinational Experimentation Part. This exercise will be focused on Crisis Management. The following tasks will be performed during the exercise: counterterrorism, minimizing the effects of Environmental Protection related incidents, disasters and other emergency situations, laid down in the scenario.

b. The exercise will build up capabilities required for: operations of National Crisis Management Staff, applying the emergency procedures of national/regional authorities and NGOs.

c. During PHOENIX 2010 the coordination and synchronization between civil and military national authorities and NATO will be practiced.

d. CIMIC experiments will be conducted during the exercise.


a. AIM

(1) General

To define, analyze and validate SOPs for crisis response, stabilization and reconstruction in order to improve the interagency coordination.

(2) Experimentation Aim

To provide a synthetic training environment using M&S for conducting Crisis Response exercises.


  • To enhance the interaction and coordination between Crisis Management Units (civil and military);
  • To improve the exchange of information between and within the emergency staffs at national and multinational level;
  • To enhance the preparedness and interoperability of the Crisis Management structures, involved in the exercise.